what is 123movies ?

What is 123Movies?

The cable TV industry is soon likely to become outdated! With the latest concept of streaming websites, effortless viewing, and plenty of options, it is only likely that 123Movies would be the next best source of entertainment.

123Movies has two new names now – GoStream and GoMovies. These are the two popular versions of the favorite site that lists the latest movies and new releases. However, most streaming sites require caution. 123Movies is no exception. There are several legal issues and the risk of malware infection.

Defining 123Movies

Still, wondering what is 123Movies.

Simply put, 123Movies is a website that allows video streaming. Users can stream pirated movies through this website. Of course, there are over thousands of such websites online, but 123Movies is the most frequently used movie streaming site.

123Movies is also a part of a wide network of more than dozens of clone sites. The website’s domain changes frequently.

Such streaming websites provide its users with a bulk collection of titles, which includes new releases. To get access, you need not sign up or sign in. You can simply click on the title you want to watch and start streaming on the computer or an online device.

123Movies has an enviable collection of movies as well as television shows. Besides the latest blockbusters playing in theaters, you can also watch titles from other popular streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

123Movies provides access to a wide variety of content, which makes it a popular streaming site. In addition, it allows you to watch movies from any browsers on the computer, smartphone, or tablet.

123Movies also has an app for Roku as well as Koku devices. Nonetheless, you must still learn more about a few details before visiting this website or downloading the app.

123Movies Safety Issues

Is it safe to visit 123Movies and stream?

Technically, it is not safe. Many users report that the site distributes viruses and malware. Both the website and the app are equally harmful.

Moreover, there is a risk of clone sites that look quite similar to 123Movies. These are fake sites that distribute malware and viruses, typically sent to the computer through JavaScript enabled website or through ads.

If you visit the website, ensure that the device is completely protected with a good quality antivirus program plus a firewall.

As these websites also make money by displaying untrusted and harmful ads, users are vulnerable to data theft.

Malvertising is a recent security threat whereby hackers inject malicious codes suing ads.

Even though 123Movies does not intend to harm users, however, such risks always remain.

Should you Stream Movies on 123Movies?

123Movies has attracted millions of viewers over time. However, that does not mean the website is safe or legal. Though the site does not host content, it streams illegal or pirated content only.

There is an increasing risk of infecting the computer or the device in use.

There are several legal streaming websites, which allow you to watch videos for free or for a nominal monthly fee. Although such sites may not offer the latest titles, they are legal and safe. They are less likely to infect the device with viruses and malware.

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