Google Home Mini

Amid many manufacturers putting their newest flagship product in the hands of reviewers to get the best feedback before its launch time, it seems to make the Google services giant reportedly also doing the same.

Ahead of the launch of their new Google Home Mini AI speakers on October 19, Google has received a number of unfavorable reports that occurred on its flagship product from its loyal reviewers around the world. Since the complaints are very diverse, Google seems to first sort through them carefully.

According to a report by one of its reviewers, the Google Home Mini it uses almost always records sounds at home. For some, this may not be a big deal, but it’s different if all the recordings are actually sent to Google servers.

Although so far the credibility of Google in the eyes of its users is no doubt, but with such work will still cause anxiety for some people because related to privacy issues. Thanks to the smart system available on Google Home Mini, the system will automatically send what it hears to the server to get the appropriate feedback. Incidentally the way the work is said there is a resemblance to what is accommodated AI speaker system made by Amazon.

Google Home Mini will usually ignore any sounds heard until there is a direct command from the owner like “Hey Google” or “OK ​​Google”. However, due to problems in the device, the system will listen continuously without adequate response. In addition, Google’s AI speakers also have a bad touch sensor on the top.

Google has acknowledged this problem and has issued a software update to resolve the issue. Normally the light above the speaker will light while listening. Fixed software prevents touch-speaker activation, which is a feature intended to offer activation options. Google Home Mini can be able to respond when listening to direct greetings from the owner.


Google seems to have a very good idea of ​​the issues that impact a small number of Google Home Mini devices that can cause touch mechanisms to behave incorrectly. Related to that, Google itself reportedly has launched a software update on 7 October ago to reduce the problem. As for anyone who still gets complaints on Google Home Mini, please contact the Google Support hotline 1-855-971-9121 to get Google Home Mini replacement.

IFA: Top Picks of some Cool Gadgets Announced

There have been many new, whacky, wonderful and crazy devices announced at IFA this year. And I’m going to provide a summation on the coolest tech I’m looking forward to that’s been announced.

Xperia Z5 Premium—I’ve mentioned this device previously in abundance due to its eye-popping 4K display (the first of its kind). While I’ve shown my skepticism for the reasoning to have such a huge resolution, to say that I’m not the least bit excited would be a lie. I’d love to be able to get my hands on one just to stare at the display, if nothing else.


Acer Revo Build—The concept behind this mini PC is that you have a base unit and stack other components called “blocks” on top. These blocks are connected through pogo pins via magnetic alignment, and add different features to the main unit to make the computer extremely customisable, so I really can’t wait to see how this works in practice.


Huawei Mate S—This device is interesting as it contains force-touch technology in its touch display. This means that the device will respond based on how hard or lightly you’re tapping the display, which could allow for interesting new ways of input and software tweaks. The display can even theoretically distinguish between your knuckle or fingertip. Personally, I think it would be interesting to see how this would affect the user experience of Android.


Toshiba Satellite Radius 12—First a 4K smartphone, and now a 4K laptop? The Satellite Radius 12 is the worlds first ultra high definition laptop! A compact laptop running Windows 10, this device will come with a USB Type-C port and house Intel’s Skylake processors. It’s also a convertible, meaning it will flip around and act as a tablet for you to glare in awe at that pixel-dense display.


HTC Vive—A virtual reality headset developed and engineered by both Valve and HTC, I’ve heard huge amounts of praise on what this piece of tech can do. Ever since the Google Cardboard I’ve been interested to see how VR will go and just how much better it can get, and with these two company giants I can’t wait.


LG roll-up keyboard—This peripheral is made for 10 inch tablets and is something I’d love to have, considering I use my iPad pretty much all the time and typing on its display can get tiresome after a while. It’s a flexible keyboard that can be, well, rolled up for carrying. When is this releasing? I want it now!


4K OLED TVs—It seems a ton of manufacturers are announcing 4K OLED TVs in droves: Panasonic, LG and Philips have all announced their 4K beauties. And the OLED display means that it should allow for great, eye-popping colours and vibrancy, as well as crazy clarity because it’s, ummm, 4K?


Samsung SleepSense—As crazy as it sounds, you slip this device under your bed and it tracks your sleep. Apparently, it provides reports on your sleeping patterns in order to help you get the best nights rest possible. What, I don’t need this! My sleeping is perfect! Right? Who am I kidding, my sleep patterns are terrible.


But what are you guys looking forward to? Tell me in the comments below.