Best Backup Softwares To Keep Your Data Safe

Here is how to make data backup with free best data backup software online solutions guide . Most probably if you are reading this best backup software  guide , you must be a regular computer user.You must be using your computer daily to store your personal data into it. Sometimes computer failure occurs due to several reasons . Have you ever thought it is possible that your hard drive may crash sometimes . What if that happens ? You simply gonna lose all your data with just a blink of eye !! I know , even the thought of it scares you . Though it never happens every time but we must be prepared for this situation.

So how can we prevent our important data if our hard disk gets crashed accidently. Well no need to worry now guys , here comes the role of Best backup softwares . Data backup software lets you backup the important data or even whole of the computer . These backups can be restored when a system failure or crash occurs . So here we have created a list of best backup software guide . It lists free and best backup software .

Paragon Backup & Recovery 15 Home

It is one of the best and one of the cheap Best Backup Software 2017 for backing up your important files .You can save lots of money if you are going for this handy product. Users can backup all the drives with just a click . However , undoubtedly you can backup selected files too .The data can be saved on external device or to an computer connected to the network. This software is also helpful while you want to create bootable image of your system.

Genie Backup Manager Home 9

It is another good software for creating backups . This software also allows you to create a full backup or backup of your desired files only . It has very simple backup and restore software UI . This is why it is very easy to use.
It provides online data backup feature. It allow you to compress data also . It is a good tool for advanced users who have keen knowledge of softwares .

Ocster Backup Pro 8

This is again a Best Backup Software 2017 providing software that is available. It allows users to freely select files or folder to be backed up .Files can be backed up to any external drive or network folder. It also features special features like data compression , data encryption etc . These features helps in securing your data.

Acronis backup for PC’s

Acronis is one of the most popular software for backing up of the complete computer. You are provided option if you want to store your data over a external hard drive or over server .It provides cloud storage .It also includes much more features like 5GB free online storage
space, hard drive eraser tool, PC cloning feature and much more. It is available for both , windows and Mac Os.

NovaBACKUP Professional

It is one the best backup software tool . It prevents your data loss in quick time. Like most other backup softwares it can also backup whole drives or the selected files or folders. It features one major feature which is different from other . It also is having virus scanning feature.

EaseUS ToDo Backup

This is smallest and great backup tool in the market .I prefer using it over others . It is available in both free and paid version .Free version is available with a support for scheduled backups, disks and partition cloning etc. Whereas paid version adds many more functions , like 24 X 7 technical support , beackup to FTP severs , manually select which files to be backed up and much more.


It is an all round backup software that is available in the market. It is also available in both free version and paid version . It enables you to save backup of your data to either external drive , or to any network connected computer . You can also save your data online storage.In free plan we get unlimited backup to external drives or other computers with 128-bit encryption but in premium version you get unlimited online storage space and we can access our data from anywhere.

O & O Backup

It is again one of the best backup software that is available and is also having low price.It is good if you don’t want to spend much money over backup. Though it is not having advanced backup features but it can fully backup your system( hard drive). to any external device that is connected to the computer. The data which is to be backed up also can be customized.



This software is best if you are backing up the data of an organization. This software provides an excellent security as it is having ISO 27001 certificate which ensure that the data is secured. Moreover the speed of transfer is also fast which is approx equal to fibre-optic connection.

AOMEI Backupper Professional

AOMEI Backupper Pro is one of the Best Backup Software 2017 available. It allows you to backup your whole drive or even a single folder. It is very simple and is having easy to use restore setup. In the professional version we can even split the backup into different smaller pieces. Along with premium version it is also available in free version but of course with less features then premium.

There are other backup softwares that allow cloud data storage . Few of such Best Backup Software are Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive . You can access them without softwares too . These are also good if you want to backup your files without spending a penny because they provide free service up-to limited disk space. So this was all about Best Backup Software 2017 guide . You can use any of the above listed backup software . That was all for protecting your data .

In case of any queries or suggestion , feel free to comment below !! Keep sharing and spread smiles .

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